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Bitcoin Payment Instructions

Bitcoin is now simple and fast to buy! Click Here for instructions on how to purchase it fast without ID its honestly easier and less drama then signing up for pay-pal. We currently recomend using as it so simple to use and fast however you may pay a higher transfer fee so take this into account when sending, if you want the cheapest option try Coinbase or localbitcons.

Ready to buy ? then jump straight in and purchase some now on or if you do not care about giving ID download the Coinbase app on play or apple store

For our Bitcoin payment address Click Here

How to pay for membership by bitcoin click one of the options choosing your preferred payment method, the easiest way is using a credit card via alternatively you can sign up on if you wish to pay via paypal or direct bank payments, if you use local bitcoins make sure you purchase any bitcoin from a reputable trader that offers a good rate of exchange ID is not required on check out our video or howto. Once you have created your account at or and purchased some bitcoins,  just paste our bitcoin address that is above into the payment address and input $30.00 and click send it really is as simple as that. A Bitcoin address is just like a bank routing code / account number so your payment will come directly to us and you will have a unique transaction ID to show you made the payment to us.

PAY BY CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD no problem buy Bitcoin at coinbase send bitcoins to our address click here

Sign up to Coinbase purchase and send $29.99 in BTC if using Credit / Debit card

Pay By – Paypal Direct Bank Payment

Sign up to Local Bitcoins purchase and send $29.99 in BTC if using Paypal or Your Bank Account

We recommend using Localbitcoins for no ID or Coinbase if ID is not a problem

Once you have sent your payment to our bitcoin address, screenshot the payment and email us a copy of the screen shot and transaction id.

Further Bitcoin Instructions

Bitcoin is simple to use and easy to buy, you can buy it fast and instantly without ID from:

Most of the other sites linked ask for ID however they are easy to use and pretty fast way to buy and send bitcoin the choice is yours our members recommend using

Coin BaseCoin
Local Bitcoins is another great way to buy bitcoins by cash, bank transfer, paypal or even a ATM.
Click Here For a guide of other ways to buy bitcoins.

Don’t be put off thinking its difficult to buy and use bitcoins its really not and once you have used it you can be part of the bitcoin generation instead of some old timer.

Here are some YouTube videos on how to buy bitcoins:

Buy bitcoins with coinbase app watch you-tube video

Buy bitcoins with watch you-tube video

Begin Payment Process:

Simple Instructions paying by bitcoin

1.) Purchase your bitcoin from the exchange of your choice from either the list we provided or your own using cash bank payment credit / debit card paypal etc.

2.) Complete the payment page from your bitcoin wallet or exchange, see the examples sending the correct amount of bitcoin that equals $30 make sure you paste in our bitcoin address that is above into the pay to box.

3.) Take a note of the transaction number as you will need that to prove payment and then click here to say you have made payment;

Once you have sent your payment to our bitcoin address, screenshot the payment and email us a copy of the screen shot and transaction id.